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College Tech Prep Initiatives and Career Programs

THE BEST WAY TO PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE is to keep as many options open as possible.  Whether you want to go to college, focus on a specific skill at a technical school, or go to work after graduation . participating in a career-focused program can put you in a position to try all of these options.  

Eleven different career programs and 14 college tech prep initiatives (see left side of this page for all programs) are offered in the high schools served by the Six District Educational Compact.
Students spend a half-day in the career program and a half-day in academic classes at their schools. Transportation is provided. Click here for an overview of all programs.

Here are ten reasons why you should choose a career program.Career programs combine academic skills with a real life context for learning and include authentic experiences.  The occupational curriculum is based on input from business and industry to include specific technical skills and knowledge needed to prepare for further education and/or careers in current or emerging employment sectors